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We are committed to provide a quality education in visual entertainment arts, including concept design, comics, and digital illustration. With Ashcan’s rigorous and structured program, students of all levels are able to receive intensive training in technical usage of digital tools and drawing/painting foundations.

Students will learn to use adobe programs to produce artwork with applications to the fields of game design, cinematic arts, animation, publication and more. They will also learn the basics of narrative arts including storytelling, background design and character design.


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Mon to Sat - 11am to 8pm
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45 East 34th Street 2FL
New York, NY, 10016

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Ashcan Studio of Art

Ashcan Studio of Art is an art institution providing top quality education in visual arts since 2006, with three campuses each located in Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens.  Ashcan Digital Art is an Ashcan division, which specializes in digital arts for the field of entertainment design industry, such as game, comics and cinematic arts. With over 25 instructors who are skilled and active artists of their respective field, students gain hands-on knowledge about the creative industry.